What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant; it is the implant (plantation) of the grafts (tissues) taken from the donor area (upper neck area) with a machine called micromotor, to the area needed for visual purposes. In other words, it is tissue transplantation.

Before we go into details, let’s start with why Turkey is such an amazing choice for your hair restoration. 

Did you know that over 60% of all hair transplants in the world each year are performed in Turkey? Over 500,000 a year!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Turkey is home to over 500 hair transplant locations. Traditionally, many Europeans choose to have a hair transplant in Turkey.

What is a hair transplant surgery in Turkey

There are hair follicles in the tissues. There are single, double, triple and sometimes quadruple hair follicles in a tissue. So if we give an example, When it is say that 4,000 grafts will transplant in hair transplantation, this means an average of 9,000-10,000 hair strands.

The most significant issue in determining the hairline is forehead muscles. When planting on these muscles, it does not look natural and does not become permanent. Because whenever you make gestures, your hair moves along with your forehead muscles.

Our experts have performed thousands of operations plant single, double, triple and quadruple grafts proportionally, both according to the quality of your hair follicles and in proportion to the area to be planted for a natural appearance.

The operation time is an average of 6 hours. This process varies according to the number of grafts to be transplanted.

After the operation, the crusting process on the head ends after 12 days and all the transplanted hair is noticeable. Afterwards, the transplanted hairs, which we call shock shedding, and sometimes the existing hair fall out. This shedding differs depending on the physiological and anatomical structure of the person. Some may spill 20%, and some may spill 80%. Afterwards, it starts to appear again depending on the physiological and anatomical structure of the person. This is due to the growth rate of the hair and the healing time of the tissues. It starts to appear between 2 and 4 months on average. Although we say that it is up to 12 months for it to come out completely, 80% of it will come out between 6 and 9 months.

As EsteQuality, our medical consultants follow your hair with photos every day for the first 12 days after the operation.

After 12 days, a photo is requested from the person every month until the end of 1 year. Of course, you can also come to the hospital for control.

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