DHI Hair Transplant

DHI technique, which is the most preferred in Europe, provides unshaven planting in sparse areas.

What is a DHI hair transplant?

DHI hair transplant is the implant of grafts (hair follicles) taken by micro motor method with disposable needles and CHOI pens. It is an application technique called “Direct Hair Transplant” or “Pen Technique.”.

We perform transplantation of hair follicles and channel opening operations simultaneously owing to the DHI pen.

People who have hair and want it to be dense prefer the DHI method because the hair looks more natural with this method.

In addition, since the waiting time for the grafts is short, graft loss is less during and after hair transplantation.

Another advantage of the DHI technique is that the angle and direction of the hair strands become much more natural with the hair transplant pen.

In addition, tissue damage is minimized in DHI transplantation, as holes are opened as wide as the hair follicle.

Finally, in the healing process, hair transplantation with the DHI technique heals a little faster than other hair transplantation techniques.

You can call us or send your photos on WhatsApp for all the detailed information and whether your hair is suitable for the DHI technique. Also you can check our packages for more information.

Operation Time

5 Hours


Local Anesthesia

Needle-Free Anesthesia


Sensitivity process

3 Days

Return to work

3 Days

Healing process

12 Days




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