The Complete Processes of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation; It is the implant (plantation) of the grafts (tissues) taken from the donor area (above the neck) with a machine called a micromotor, to the area needed in terms of visuality. In other words, it is a tissue transplantation.

In a hair transplant operation; hair follicles from the back of the head; It is taken from the area starting from the top of the ear, which is the area that is very difficult to shed even when men get old, and from the back of the head to the other ear.

The transplanted area is a region that existed before but spilled over time and/or remained sparse.

The process before and after the operation is as follows:


  • Send us photos of your hair on WhatsApp. After that, receive a report containing all the details about the operation by our medical consultant. They answer over the phone all questions regarding the operation. In this way, a commitment is made that you will not encounter any surprises when you come to the hospital.
  • We ask you some information about the medications you regularly use, previous operations, and allergies.
  • You do not use no blood thinners like alcohol at the latest a week before the operation day.
  • It is appropriate to wear clothes with a closed collar, such as a shirt while coming to the operation.
  • Please take a shower before coming to the hospital.
  • You have to have a breakfast on the day of the operation.


  • On the day of the operation, blood tests are performed to learn about diseases such as infectious diseases.
  • The hairline is determined. Then, the operation begins.
  • The operation takes an average of 6 hours. This period varies according to the number of grafts to be transplanted.
  • Since it is performed with local anesthesia, the duration of pain lasts for a maximum of 4 minutes. Apart from this, you will not have any pain during and after the operation.
  • Needle-free anesthesia is performed for those with needle phobia. With a device called Dermojet, anesthesia is applied to the skin with pressure and anesthetized, and then needle anesthesia is start.
  • In anesthesia with sedation; After the anesthesia is given to the vein by the anesthesiologist, the whole head is anesthetized when the person regains consciousness.
  • The operation process is in 3 stages ; Sapphire FUE technique: The first is to take the grafts from the donor area and collect them. Latter; is the opening of the holes where the grafts will be placed. That is the opening of the channel. The third is; grafts are placed in the opened channels. That is planting.
  • In the DHI technique, there are two stages: The first is to take the grafts from the donor area and collect them. Secondly, grooving and transplanting are done at the same time by arranging the grafts one by one in a pen called “Choi”.
  • You can go to the toilet during the operation.
  • We serve you the lunch at the hospital.
  • After the operation, perform a session of PRP. It provides healing process is accelerated even more.
  • The effect of PRP is an average of 1 month. The vitamin we give is started 15 days to 1 month after the operation. It is continued for two months, provided that it is used once a day. Afterwards, the quality of the hair is checked and depending on the situation, PRP and / or vitamins may be continued or may not be used at all.
  • After the operation, the dressing area is applied (removed in the first wash), and the transplanted area remains open until it heals.


  • Medications to be used; given both in writing and orally.
  • After the hair transplant operation, the transplanted area should not touch anywhere until the crusts fall. Therefore, you sleep with a neck pillow for twelve days.
  • During the operation, the liquid is given under the scalp. This liquid is within five days after the operation. It is excreted from the intake site, through the pores in the body, and the urine. To prevent this liquid from descending from the head to the face, after the operation, two nights and a day are completely rested and ice treatment is applied to the face. Thus, there is no swelling on the face.
  • You can come back to the hospital one or two days after the hair transplant operation, the first hair wash is done or the dressing is removed.
  • The first wash is explained  with video and in practice in the hospital. For the other nine days, the hair is washed at home with foam and shampoo specially produced for the post-transplantation period. After the washing, photos of the hair are taken and sent to the medical consultant, and the healing process is observed every day in this way.
  • Until the end of a year, it continues to be checked with photographs every month.
  • You can reach our medical health consultants 24/7 and you can always get information. Most important; each of our guests will have only one medical consultant. In this way, communication is always fast, accurate, and satisfactory.
  • 12 days after the hair transplant operation, the crusts are completely shed. Depending on the anatomical and physiological structure of the person, 80% of the transplanted hair falls out.
  • Again, depending on the anatomical and physiological structure of the person, the regrowth time of the shed hair varies (the rate of hair growth and the healing process of people vary according to the person). On average, the desired visual appearance is achieved between the 6th and 8th months. But  some people, it can appear very often in the fourth month,  some people in the 10th month. But in healthy individuals, as a result, 95% of the planted ones come out completely. Since the muscles in the upper part of the neck, called the vertex region, are very close to the skin, the retention rate is 70%.
  • An operation guarantee certificate is given to the guests who come after the hair transplant operation. With this document, how many grafts are planted in the operation is documented, and at the same time, free revisions are made in case of any problem related to the operation.


You can get more information about the operations. Please send a message from WhatsApp  +90 535 667 87 68 .